Why you must honor the good teachers and professors?

The elementary relationship with teachers begins when we enter school. Nonetheless, reaching university, we meet the treasure of professors there.

And as we met varied teachers ranging from strict to friendly ones, they have significantly impacted our academics and shaped lives.

Relationship with teachers and its profoundness is in the words of motivation and encouragement. However, the teacher relationship with former students continues to transform our lives with valuable guidance, support, and suggestion. Thus grace the presence of teachers in your life.

Year after year, showcasing the consistency in their job, teachers leave a lasting impression on us. Meanwhile, the incomparable and matchless teachers deserve the highest mark of respect as they have been putting their best to deliver the knowledge.

Thus rewind the good old sweet memories of a relationship with the teacher. And get to know why you must honor the good teachers and professors?

1. The note of appreciation

The captivating moment of joy is when you receive appreciation from the teacher or professor in front of the class.

Standing up to the expectations of teachers fills us with pride. However, a teacher’s applaud and morale boost are the fruits of hard work. And that one statement of appreciation infuses us with confidence.

Whatsoever, the urge to have a favorable impression in the eyes of the teachers or professor gets followed by in-time completion of assignments, being prompt in class, concentrating on the subject, etc.

Having said that, a teacher relationship with former student is cherished on the occasions like Teacher’s day or (Guru Purnima) in India.

2. When learning becomes fun

Have you been waiting for a particular teacher to arrive in the class anxiously because their teaching style is engaging, interactive and, friendly?

Learning becomes fun when the teacher creatively engrosses the student with the subject.

A subject becomes your favorite because the teacher makes a concept easy to comprehend and understand. Simplifying the art of learning, and directing the right pathways, teachers are the blessings of our life.

Additionally, it’s not the subject that grips us but the teacher’s teaching style that attracts us the most towards the subject.

3. The crushing scolding

We often memorize the teacher’s punishments, standing outside of the class, and harsh statements that trembled us with fears when we were students. 

As students, the terror and fear of catching the attention of a strict teacher was a minor panic attack. Well, jokes apart, it was those heart-pinching punishments and scolding of the teachers that became the milestones of growth.

Creating difference in our lives, teachers make us what we are today.

4. The Pathfinder

The sight of relief when you’re biggest career concerns gets resolved after talking to your favorite teacher.

When you are caught in a spider web or chaos, an effective instructors’ light is all you need to survive. Meeting the right person and fetching the right advice from our mentors and guides makes our life easier. Howsoever, the faith and trust in our professors and teachers with protective gesture showered by them is calming.

Moreover, a healthy teacher relationship with former students prospers over time. Guiding as a torchbearer, they show the light and road map to success in personal and academic growth.

Anyway, a teacher’s dedication and efforts are indebted.

5. Understanding the student’s problem

Were you stuck in a real mess and, the subject seemed like a storm? But getting in touch with a good professor cleared all your doubts.

When a teacher observes the real potential in you and figures out the problem, it’s relaxing.

Reflecting upon the student’s errors and resolving their matters competently, the healthy student-teacher relationship releases struggles of academic pressure. Furthermore, from rectifying our silly mistakes to highlighting our blunders, the teacher holds hand and opens our mind.

6. Shared Healthy Student Teacher Bond

Having cordial relationship with the teacher or professor is an admiration.

The relationship of teacher with former student is endearing. As their support and strength through the thick and thins, is an enlightening experience.

And as they possess the patience in resolving our doubts and share their intellect and core knowledge, a teacher leads our way from incompleteness to completeness. Further, it’s not merely about learning the concepts, but they also contribute towards developing our positive favorable personality and self-worth.


Teachers have been coaches, advisors, and counselors. While gaining the jewels of knowledge from them is true wisdom.

However, having a truly inspiring teacher or professor is fortunate and grateful.

Thus, remember your teachers with all the respect and wish them good health and happiness.

Nonetheless, teacher is incomplete without their students and, a student is like an empty vessel without an adequate teacher.

Therefore, value the enriching relationship with teachers and professors because they let you sail through the sharp waves of the ocean by acting as a protective shield.

And do share the blog with the teachers to honor them.

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