7 Types of Unavoidable Friends of our Lives

Friends are the true pillars of support in our needs and crisis. But finding that friend, who is there to listen to your nuisance, unnecessary frightful thoughts, and love problems are exquisite. And if you have a trusted friend, then life becomes a fun ride.

Friends for Life

Friends are the teachers, entertainers, family, mentors, and a good company to enjoy movies, food, and much more. Having a dearest friend is heartwarming indeed. And you possess the true happiness and assets, if you have the one because you have a partner to talk to and look up to every suggestion.

Whatsoever, we all have different types of friends who make our lives bubbly and sparkling.

Thus, let’s cherish the list of friends we all have in common and revel in freaking relationship with friends.

Playing with Friends

1. Childhood Playfellow

We sense the very essence of relationship with friends with childhood friends.

Childhood Friendship

Come what may? We never forget our childhood friends whom we met when we were in our primary classes. From sneaking at each other’s lunch boxes to playing silly games, the relishing memory refreshes our childhood.

2. Schoolmates

The memory of school is incomplete if we don’t miss our schoolmates.

School Friends

School is the best time of your life if you have everlasting loyal friends from school. And school is usually the place where one finds their best friends forever (BFF). But we also get introduced to tiffin sharing friends in school, where the term sharing is caring gets justified correctly.

Meetings with schoolmates every day and discussing answers to the questions at the last minute of the exam, makes the relationship with school friends nostalgic.

Looking back to the cheerful years of school’s playground and premises, we not only packed our books and stationery, returning home. But we gathered a tremendous set of memory from our innocent childhood days.

Hanging out with Friends

3. College Buddies

Recognizing each other’s unique personality traits, we learn to love our college friend’s weird things.

College Buddies

Friendship at college is golden. Bunking the lectures by being the partners in crime, partying together, and the traveling trips are the revitalizing memories with college friends. Moreover, relationship with college friendship is precious as they form the epicenter of memories in our hearts.

College buddies often become friends for life, as some are honest, wise and good mentors.

Selfie with Friends

4. Neighborhood Acquaintances

Your neighborhood friend can be anyone, the girl or boy next door to your hostel room, apartment, society, etc. 

Near by Friend

An ultimate friend who is always in touch with you, available 24/7 as you can count on them for daily life requirements. Mostly, they also become problem solvers when stuck in a situation. However, from talking about the latest gossip of the town to enjoying the evening snacks, the relationship with a neighboring friend is sweetly admiring.

5. Online Friends

Liking their Instagram post to the Facebook cover pic, we share the bond with virtual friends by liking and commenting on their posts. 

Virtual Connect

Online friends whom we have not met in years nor even plan to meet them do persists. And we are cool about this new age friendship. However, the relationship with online friends is chilling and terrific as one receives updates about their life through stories and recent feeds. 

Happy Time with Friends

6. Official Colleague

Friends with whom we work and share the major of the time day are special too.

Office Friends

Well, people have mixed opinions for their coworkers, but they are indeed our friends, to whom meeting after a long weekend or coming back from a long thrilling vacation at the office desk is refreshing and wonderful.

Additionally, from guiding us to boosting morale when things go wrong, a relationship with an office colleague is valuable.

Calling Friends

7. Phone of Friend

Making your boring weekend and evenings happening and full of excitement, a phone to your dearest friend residing in another city fills you with cheer and happiness.

Long Distance Friendship

Gossiping with a long-distance friend and those long hours of telephonic conversation is joyous. And they are those old friends who are just there for you in every moment of life.

A long-distance friend on phone is satisfying and splendid. Furthermore, for exciting incites on relationship with long-distance friendship have a review at boundless long-distance friendship.

We Require All Kinds of Friends

The categories of friends mentioned above are identical as we all have had such friends in our life. However, making friends is easier but maintaining a good relationship with friends is precious.

But do we even think about all our friends? Probably no, you must have forgotten your childhood buddy or schoolfellow. Hence message or text that dear friend with whom you have lost contact but once upon a time, they occupied major share of time in your life.

Hey, what are you waiting for you?

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