The Empathetic Patient & Caregiver Relationship

Having a senior citizen at home with illness, cognitive disorder and sickness are not easy. You need to have immense affection and compassion to care for the person. And if you are one of the caregivers, your mental state and feelings are surely going to be on the toss. But it’s the resilience and commitment […]Read More


Come to Jim Corbett National Park with your Family

Jim Corbett National park is an ideal holiday destination for families. Hence, if have been longing for a family vacation. Plan the trip to the national park, and have quality and rejoicing time with your family. Have an adventurous trip to Jim Corbett with your family. Say no to mundane routine life and by having […]Read More


5 Benefits of Having Age Gap Friendship

Do age gaps matter in friendship? If you believe that friendship happens due to common interests or with someone having the same energy frequency as that of yours. Age is not a big factor and eventually one builds an age-gap friendship. And if you are someone who likes being with young people and enjoys their […]Read More


The Unique Relationship with Books

If you are a book lover and reading books is your passion. Or if you hoard books in your small library. Then, this blog is for you. Building the habit of reading books can be difficult in the first place. But once you get into the habit of reading. You thank and appreciate yourself for […]Read More

Family family bonding

8 Rejoicing Things of Joint Family

With the growing number of nuclear families, joint families are diminishing. But the explicit joy of living in a joint family is nowhere else. Of course, living in a joint family comes with a lot of compromises and adjustments, and sacrifices. But in the end, it’s the memories that stay in our hearts. Living in […]Read More


The Unfiltered Love Between Father and Son

It’s a common assumption, daughters are dearest to fathers. But father and son share close intimacy and affinity. A son craves his father’s love as much as he yearns for his mom’s love. A father is a hero to his son. However, a father-and-son relationship goes through several transitions. With arguments and resentment in teenage. […]Read More


The Role of an Uncle in Lives of Nieces/Nephews

An uncle is one of the favorite people in the life of a nephew and niece. As kids receiving gifts and treats from an uncle brought a bundle of joy. Well, uncles are always good to their nieces and nephews. And are known for giving that extra care and pampered love. Thus, the unique uncle […]Read More

Sibling Relationship

The Everlasting Affection between Sisters

The relationship between sisters is based on mixed gestures of love, hate, fun, etc. As the sister’s relationship comes with a lot of drama, arguments, and frustrations, but it’s the love between the sisters which wins over every negative situation in life. Your sister can drive you crazy and you might have to settle with […]Read More


5 Gracious Qualities of Brother-in-Law

A brother-in-law is a distinguished person in the family and holds a significant position in the family. As brothers-in-law are the most special and valued member of the family. It’s just impossible to ignore their presence. However, the newlywed brother-in-law is a star of the family. Everyone looks up to him with an adorable and […]Read More


5 Signs of Valuable and True Friendship

True friendships in life are worth fighting and striving for. Friendship is one of the biggest gifts and blessings on earth. Therefore, you must value, nurture, care, and stay grateful for the pure friendship that you have attained. As true friendship is a prized relationship. In this practical world, many of us have faced pains […]Read More