Our Mesmerizing Relationship with Food

Are you too a foodie?

Is it that flavorful food, fuels your body with happiness? Are you a spicy food lover or someone who is looking for sweets after every meal? There are all kinds of food lovers. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian. The love for sumptuous and lip-smacking food is universal.

Food fills the belly and makes one delightful due to its aromatic fragrance and delectable presentation. Festivals won’t be happening if they don’t have special delicacies for the occasion. While our life would be boring if we didn’t have different varieties of food to eat. Hence, an individual is closely net with the relationship with food.

While Here’s the gist of our mesmerizing relationship with food.

Tasty Food is Mood Tranquilizer

When am happy I eat, when am sad I eat, or when am bored I eat, good food satisfies our every mood, isn’t it?

Food Relationship

Good food is equal to a good mood. The relationship with food is an emotion. And enjoying good food is enjoying life.

When you are hungry for hours and you get to dive into a delicious meal, it’s an aha moment.

Indulging in Sumptuous Cuisines

From trying continental, Chinese, and Italian to desi Indian delicious delights, the various types of food make us go crazy.

relationship with food

While one hates to share their food with anyone else especially if it’s their go-to dish. Moreover, the relishing essence of food gets restored in our memory.

It’s said eating food releases the neurotransmitter dopamine which pleases our brain.

Going to that Favorite Place to Eat

Eating at a popular restaurant for years is bliss.

food relationship

The love for our favorite food at our loved restaurant or dhaba is next level.

And often the remembrance of lip-smacking dinner or lunch that we had at the dhaba on a particular vacation is mouthwatering. Enjoying the fine dining experience with family is a thing that we wait for. Likely, have a glance at the 8 Enchanted Moments of Family Bond.

Cooking Food for Family

Cooking food at home is an effort but, in the end, it’s worthwhile.

food relationship

Food revolves around our life, from cooking something good for ourselves to preparing the mega feast for the family and relatives at the festival or special occasion. The love for food and cooking a meal is satisfying.

And having a snoring nap in the afternoon or sound sleep at night after having a delectable and appetizing meal is ecstasy.

Sneak Peak to Moments with Food

Receiving the food order at the doorstep is twinkling for the eyes.

relationship with food

Having the gallop of ice cream from the fridge secretly or snacking at night is a thing that we all have done at least once in our life.

When you have followed a strict diet plan for days, having that one cheat day lets us have a pleasing food relationship.

Whereas the relationship with food is a heavenly joy when you eat guilt-free without worrying about calories or putting on any weight.

Besides, get to know what is a healthy relationship with food

Maintain a healthy relationship with food by eating right. Rather, practicing mindful eating by blending favorite treats and a nutritious diet to have a healthy relationship with food. As the healthy choice of food keeps you healthy from within. Hence, practice healthy eating.

Have a good relationship with food and allow your body to thank you for the strategic effort that you have made.

my relationship with food

Getting obsessed with eating and living just to eat is not a healthy choice that you make for yourself. Of course, excess of anything is bad, hence you must check your eating habits. Everyone must follow the pattern of mindful eating. If you spoil yourself with the wrong choice of eating by consuming junk, preserved food, etc. It’s high time, you check or alter you’re eating choices. Eating healthy keeps you healthy for life. And Healthy eating habits save us from several chronic diseases.

Lastly, share your thoughts and views on food by commenting about your relationship with food.

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