Our Soulful Relationship with Plants, Greenery & Nature

Do you feel like immersing in the serene greenery? Is sitting in your garden and admiring the flowers and plants a favorite leisure? Do the trees and bushes are your go-to place? Or do you go through painful feelings when trees get cut? If the answer to all these questions is Yes. Then you are surely a nature lover.

Nature has blessed us with numerous plants. And knowing about each one of them is amusing. We have a deep cordial relationship with plants because plants breathe in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. And it’s entirely impossible to expect the life forces on earth without the presence of any vegetation and plantation.

The food that we have on our plates to herbal cosmetics to the medicinal use of plants. Plants are significant as without plants, there would be no human existence. Imagining life without plants is impossible. Besides, Humans have an exceptional and valuable bond with plants. The plant-human relationship is an aged connection.

Howsoever, every individual has a relationship with nature. Thus, let’s find out about the different elements of the relationship with plants and greenery.

1. Love for Plants

Is watering plants the first thing that you do in the morning?

We communicate with plants by offering, caring, touching, inhaling fragrance, and by talking to them.

Furthermore, if shopping for plants and buying exquisite planters, is the best idea of home décor then you are definitely connected to plants and nature. And you believe that the plant’s greenery transforms the aura of a home, office, or any other space.

2. Nurturing of Plants

Gardening isn’t easy, you require knowledge and passion for the same.

Taking care of plants requires patience, consistency, and discipline. You are expected to water your plants adequately, fertilize them with the right nutrition, and expose them to optimum sun exposure.

You have to be committed to your plants if you wish them to stay with you. While, you are expected to give attention and focus on a regular basis.

Relationship with plants

3. Symbiotic Relationship with Plants

We have a symbiotic relationship with plants because the very existence of mankind is because of the presence of plants on Earth.

Plants are living beings, they have life. Hence, they are sensitive to human nurturing, care, weather, water, and climate conditions.

The plants sense your presence and they know you deeply. Therefore, there has been a religious significance of worshipping plants. Additionally, the relationship with nature is crucial for spiritual consciousness. Thus, declutter your inner chaos by staying close to nature.

4. Glimpsing the Plants

Have you ever sat on your balcony, observing the beautiful weather and trees swirling to the movement of winds?

The soul-soothing eye-catching glimpse of greenery all around provides a heavenly divine experience. Is the dense jungle your favorite destination to go for vacations? Or do you have a bunch of assorted plants on your home’s terrace?

Plants and trees are the gift by the mother earth to the human race and species surviving.

5. Nature is Healing

Going deep into nature is utmost pleasurable.

You observe nature from the soul not from your eyes. The serene nature and its infused greenery have the composure of peace and calmness. Nature has the power to soothe your mental restlessness and anxiety. Additionally, nature and its magnetic presence of greenary makes our environment lively, and fresh indeed.

Time spent in nature is worthwhile. Walk into nature and experience the best of it. Likely, relax in the beauty and simplicity of nature.

Besides, the magnanimous nature displays the gigantic creation of God. Thus, do check out The Divinely Blissful Relationship with God.

Dive deep into the bliss of nature.

By staying close to nature, recharge and rewind in the lap of nature. And protect the Mother Earth by going green.

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