How does it feel to have a good relationship with roommate?

Roommates are annoying but adorable
Competitor yet Companion
Friends thou Family
Howsoever, they are playful, exciting, interesting, and crazy.


Entering the university in an all-new environment and meeting your roommate for the first time in a hostel is nostalgic. Well with the nervousness and anxiety, the two individuals shake hands and are likely to be known as the roommates. Thereto, with the hope to have a good time together, the relationship with roommate begins.

Meanwhile, departing from your roommate gathers a plethora of memory. From tones of stories and exciting insights to share, spending time with a roommate is a remarkable memory of life.

Thus, let’s find out how well does it feel to have a good roommate?

1. Sharing Buddies

Sharing things with your roomie and having their stuff is common.

roommate relationship

From owning their jacket to accessories, a roommate is a savior if your wardrobe collection seems boring.

Needless to say, the cleanliness issues are mandatory. Therefore, taking up responsibilities, and splitting the cleaning activities, happens to be the daily chores.

2. Heart Warming Memories

The annoying behavior and weird lifestyle of the roommates are frowning, but you miss all those funny instances while working in your perfect corporate job.

roommate love

Those late-night cravings and morning rush to classes with a carefree life made living with a roommate an ultimate experience of life. Furthermore, this becomes a gem of a thing when you are no more living with them. However, sharing missed emotions with your roommate when you are back home is sweet.

Binge-watching Netflix together to studying before exam night with sincerity. The duo bond intensifies as time passes by dancing, singing, mimicking, and cracking jokes. This way how being with a roommate is a chilling and insane dose of entertainment? Meanwhile, over the course of time, the treasured memories become priceless.

3. Food an Emotion

Ordering the midnight cuisine to satisfy the hunger pangs or preparing the meal togetheris the resemblance of healthy roommate relationships.

healthy roommate relationships

Those late-night food order deliveries and the usual ordering of the menu is an unforgettable memory. Well, India has a culturethat binds people with its food. Hence, sharing the snacks sent by our mother with roommate is reconnecting and rebuilding.

4. The Chit Chat

They know every detail of our life. Because either they speculate about it or spy.

Those deep conversations about love, life, and career, and the roommates’ wise and witty advice, lets you overcome every challenge that life throws on you. As it’s easy to talk to your roommate. Well, this might not be the ideal situation for all of us. But indeed, having a good roommate is thrilling and enchanting.

From the long hours of gossiping to late-night chilling together. Roommates bestow the exciting flair and essence. Additionally, being far away from the hometown, healthy roommate relationships fosters friendly and family chords.

5. Pillars of Support

Never underestimate the power of a true roommate that stands for you.

true roommates

Because they become friends forever. Sharing an unmatched rapport with a roommate. You realize the relevance and bliss of having your roommate when you finally say goodbye to them.

The relationship with roommate is of a nurturer and caretaker. A roommate acts like a parent when you aren’t physically well. From arranging medicines to writing notes for you in the class, your roommate shows impeccable cooperation and understanding when things go wrong.

6. You Know Each Other

Being different from each other, the two roommates know each other strengths and weaknesses; positives and negatives.

roommate bonds

Building trust and bonds with a roommate can be daunting and flaky in the first instance. But the gradual understanding and camaraderie when adjoined together resultina series of happy life moments. While empathizing and understanding your life situations, every moment spent is a rejuvenating relationship with roommate.

Howsoever, roommates are opposites of each other and different in their choices of lifestyle. But they still gel well.

Well do have a glance at the 8 types of Unavoidable Friends of our Lives as well.

7. Conclusion

When two people stay together frictions are bound to happen, but what’s important is how quickly you make up?

true roommate relationships

Nonetheless, Fights and arguments are common when two people are living together. Hence if you are not on in right terms with your roommate? Then shed your ego and message them today and build healthy roommate relationships if the blog lets you remember your dearest roommate.

So, what kind of a roommate are you? A responsible one or a carefree one? Do share your interesting insights about the roommates in the comment section below.

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  • Nicely explained

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  • Roommates plays huge roles in our social lives. From taking care like a family to becoming partners in every good and evil things, they always become a part and parcel of our lives. Nice explanations by the writer. Really appreciate the blog.

    • Thanks for sharing your input Devon.

      • Yeah I agree dude

  • Well written by the narrator. Good roommates are hard to find, harder to leave, impossible to forget. Having a roommate is like having an extra pair of hands to do more stuffs and an extra brain to think.

    • Thanks for sharing your reviews.

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