I Miss My Alma Mater

The school and college where we studied have shaped our personality. One feels a sense of connectivity and relationship with alma mater.

The time that we spent in school or college has been a memory for life. The memory of the college campus, friends, and teachers takes us to the time when the only pressure that we had in our life was to get good marks. Besides, the name of our college or school arouses the feeling of pride and fondness.

Everyone has a special affinity with their college or school. The golden memories of our alma mater take us to the flashback where we were innocent, happy, and unaware of the tough realities of the world.

Here are some good reasons to cherish the relationship with alma mater.

1. Alumni- Alma Mater Relationship

Have you ever wondered, what life would have been if we didn’t go to school or college???

While being in the school or college days, we wished to quickly finish our academics and rush for achieving our dreams. But after entering the real world, we miss the peaceful, stress-free, and carefree time that we spend in college or university.

2. Overpowering Memory of Alma Mater

Thinking about Alma Mater???? It gives us the rush of memories.

From the bunking of classes in college to sharing lunch boxes with friends and making excuses for not going to school, the alma mater forms the major portion of our lives.

From the last day of vacation to the first day of going to school after vacation, the school has given us the memory of exam tension to stage fear. To the annual functions, competitions, and festival celebrations events, we rekindle our participation and involvement in the extracurricular activities.

3. Alumni- Alma Mater Connect

The alumni-related events give the feeling of home calling.

Reconnecting with friends and reviving memories is pure bliss. The shared alumni-alma mater bond reverberates in each of us when we meet fellow alumni. The bonds that we created in our school and college are everlasting. However, remembering the good old days with friends is the next level of happiness.

Furthermore, meeting the alumni helps in building a network and connectivity for career growth. You may also like reading How is Your Relationship with Colleagues at the workplace?

4. Going Back to School or College

You can relive the memory of school. And the fact that we cannot back to our school or college days is sad.

The walk through the college or school’s premises highlights a series of moments. The sight of familiar buildings and the environment are spellbinding.

From playing in the ground to eating at the canteen, to the professors and guards, we remember the minute details of our childhood or youth adulthood phase. The nostalgic memories linger in our thoughts.

The free-spirited joy, the laughter, and the fearlessness to conquer the world, all these emotions get spiked up as we visit our school or college.

Our alma mater gave us a bunch of friends and life lessons from our favorite faculties or teachers. Teachers shape our lives and transform us into our best version. Hence, read the blog on why you must honor the good teachers and professors.

Staying in touch with my alma mater is satisfying.

No matter whether you liked going to school or college. You miss the old days. The Alma Mater gave us the treasures of memory. Howsoever, leaving school or college is the end of an era in one’s life. Nonetheless, it’s a proud moment to see the legacy of our school and college going forward.

Every individual has their personalized emotions and relationship with Alma Mater. So, what do you have to say about alumni- alma mater relationship? Share it in the comments.

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