8 Instances of a Cool Relationship with Cousins

A group photograph with cousins is a snap that gets registered in history. And years later, down the line, these pictures become the treasure of refreshing memories. Scroll down to learn 8 instances of a cool relationship with cousins.

Identifying ourselves as the younger adolescents and adults, the picture provides us beaming happiness.

Relationship with Cousins

Talking in sign language, giggling, chattering, screaming at merry-go-round of fair, nighttime gossips, and much more, the charismatic memory with cousins is a delight.

The coverings up of incidences, keeping secrets, caring, understanding, and sympathizing, cousins are our best friends. However, those long hours of company, discussion, and arguing over silly matters, the memories of cousins are nostalgic.

But the fast-paced lives, with stiff competitive environments and higher career goals, have somewhere flickered the relationship with cousins.

Nevertheless, the blog lets you have the cheering ride to the traits of your relationship with cousins.

So, let’s have a sneak peek at the relationship with cousins instilled with wacky moments.

1. Holiday Stories

Those nostalgic summer holidays of playing cricket, having sumptuous home-cooked food, going out for recreational activities, never fade away from our childhood memories.

Vacation with Cousins
Holiday Stories
Holiday Stories

Summers and winters were always special because of the reunion with our second cousins. The holidays brimming with enthusiasm and pleasure create their own beautifully carved story.

2. Varying Personalities

Each cousin possesses a distinct identity, where if someone is a fashionista, then the other is a gaming geek or bookworm. And it often happens if one loves to dance, then the other one loves to sing.

Relationship with Cousins

As cousins, we differ from each other but connecting with them is smooth and fun. And this is how we learn to respect differences by becoming good and best friends for life?

Respecting their opposite interests, a unique cord with the second cousin in the family is evidencing. And the prosperous love flourishes despite the dissimilarities.

3. Whistle blower

Disclosing our secrets and creating the mess, they never fail in spreading the gossip. 


Our naughty cousins hilariously suit to the tag of whistleblower. A relationship with a cousin is a palate of happiness. However, adding a little spice to the discussion, they never stay behind in hiding our crazy stuff.

4. Exuberant Get-together

And that remark, Whoa!! Great to see you, thereby waiting impatiently to meet our dearest cousins at a mega family wedding or parties is a precious remembrance.

Relationship with Cousins

The union and mingle with second cousins at occasional events like birthdays and festivals is cherishing. And it’s their alluring presence that adds the thrill, makes us electrified throughout the event.

It’s these meetings with cousins at parties or on holidays that are the essence of a truly nurtured relationship with cousins. They are our true best friends because we never let them stay secluded or isolated in family gatherings.

5. Long hours of Conversation

Distances do bring us apart, but the intense connectivity prospers through WhatsApp groups, phone calls, and video callings.

Long hours chats

A cherishing instance wherein you talk about all the recent developments happening in your life, plans about your career, planning to visit the holiday destinations, etc., with your cousin, is rewinding. And the endless gossip blossoms, our childhood memories where we seem to forget all our worries.

Long hours of Conversation
Long hours of Conversation

You hold the benefit of sharing your experiences with your cousin if you aren’t comfortable with your siblings or parents.

6. Growing up together

Glancing the cousin’s broken teeth and observing their height and size while growing up, we learn to embrace each other’s physical growth.

Relationship with Cousins

With the evidencing of the changes in our physical body, such as broken teeth, heights, hormonal changes, etc., cousins grow up appreciating the imperfections and beauty. And the happily growing together vibes stays with us forever.

Growing up together
Growing up together

7. Completing the sibling strings

Fulfilling the wish of having an adorable sister or brother, a cousin suffices our desires charismatically.

Sibling Bond

An intimate sibling bond with cousins is admirable where the closeness and intimacy are vivid. However, the relationship with a second cousin is like a friend made by choice.

However, the favoritism towards a particular cousin is profoundly realizing. But at the end of the day, all cousins hold a special memory in our hearts.

Relationship with Cousins
Relationship with Cousins

8. No Age Barrier

Dissolving the age barrier, cousins of any age are special where the shared rapport is an ultimate gala.

Fun with Cousins

The crazy cousin’s ties are beyond restrictions, and there’s no juggle about the age. You love being with them whether they are younger or older than you. Joining the chords with them, relationship with a cousin is reverberating.


Revive the memories of uniting with your cousin and rejuvenate the nostalgic thread.

Harbor the pretty moments and quality time of togetherness, which brought pleasure and glee. Truly giving and sparkling with joy, the intensity of a relationship with cousins always stays in our hearts.

I hope the article brings you a little closer to your cousins.

Cousin’s Love

If yes, then let me know the craziness and inane saga of your cousin. Or do you feel the same with them as stated above, or would you like to do an addition to it? Then explain by commenting how your cousins are cool?

And do share the blog with your beloved cousins if you find it interesting.

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