When You Are an Elder Sibling?

Have you stated this line, I know more because am older than you to your younger siblings? If yes, then you are a typical elder sibling.

Besides, when you are an elder sibling, you are expected to be mature, sensible, and understanding. Meanwhile, it’s scientifically approved that a child’s personality has a correlation with birth order and gender.

Being an older sibling is difficult, especially if the family encounters hard times. As you have to be responsible and strong enough to support your younger siblings. Whereas being an elder sibling means you have authority on your shoulder.

The Shared Love Between Elder & Younger Siblings

Having an elder sibling is gladdening and satisfying. Because you know, you have the backing and support of your elder sibling. One has a sense of protection. The younger siblings look up to an elder sibling. Moreover, an elder sibling shows support by stating encouraging words and statements. An elder sibling appreciates their younger sibling’s talent and supports the choices of their siblings.

So, when you are an elder sibling, you experience the following things:

1. You have to look after your Siblings

When you are an elder sibling, you have to act like parents, teachers, and coaches to your younger sibling.

elder sibling

An elder sister is no less than a mother. The older sibling feels the pain and sorrows of the younger sibling. While an elder sibling is bothered and cares for his/her younger sibling. Likely, they have to take care of themselves.

2. You have to be Forgiving & Apologetic

Being the bigger person, you have to be forgiving and understanding at all times.

sibling relations

Being an elder sibling, you cannot be right all the time. Thus, if you have hurt your younger sibling in any way, apologize to them and say sorry.

3. You have to be a Guiding Force

You teach your siblings right and wrong.

older siblings

An elder sibling ensures that the younger siblings are doing the right thing.

As you have recently passed through the same age and done common mistakes. You can easily understand the problem of your siblings as there are no generation gap problems.

3. You are loaded with High Expectations

An elder sibling is stacked with high expectations from parents.

older siblings relation

They have to be good in academics and sports. While an elder is expected to show maturity in every situation. An elder sibling sets the example for their younger siblings.

If you can relate to this point, then do comment.

4. You have the pride of being an Elder

In the absence of mom and dad, it’s the older siblings that take the charge of other siblings.

typical sibling relationship

As an elder sibling, you hold the power and right to scold your younger siblings, if they commit mistakes.

Many times, you prioritize younger siblings’ choices over yours. And that’s why you have to give preference to your younger sibling if it comes to giving them watch their favorite show.

5. You are the best friend of your siblings

As an older sibling, one has to be always available to listen to their younger sibling’s stories, events, and gossip. Because siblings are best friends forever.

elder sibling relations

As an elder sibling, you wish to know about the secrets of your siblings, by saying you can tell me, “I won’t say it to anybody”.

Being an elder sibling and acting like an elder sibling are two different things.

Well, as an elder sibling, leadership quality comes naturally to you.

I am sure all the elder sibling who is reading this blog would agree that pranking with younger siblings is the funniest thing.

So, what are your thoughts on elder siblings’ relationship, share your experiences in the comment section.

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