The Unique Relationship with Books

If you are a book lover and reading books is your passion. Or if you hoard books in your small library. Then, this blog is for the one who has a unique relationship with books.

Building the habit of reading books can be difficult in the first place. But once you get into the habit of reading. You thank and appreciate yourself for retaining the habit of reading.

Well, your choice of books changes as you evolve as a reader. From reading fiction to romantic books in your teens, your relationship with books transcends to self-help, personal development, business, and spiritual books.

While reading is a never-ending journey. The more you read, the more your quest for knowledge increases.

Thus, here’s the journey of a reader with the book.

Relationship with books

1. Buying

From the multiple books in the bookstore, you get confused about which one to buy and leave.

Books Relationships

But after a lot of juggling, you find that one exciting book of your interest.

If you are a vivid reader, you must have had the list of books in your mind. As a consistent reader is always in search of new sets of books.

2. Reading

Reading books leaves you with several experiences of joy, pain, stress, tears, laughter, learning, and motivation.

My Relationship with reading

The feel of reading a book and the smell of the pages is just amazing.

Though reading makes you a better communicator, as you effortlessly express your emotions, feelings, and experiences. And you are never short of vocabulary.

Reading a book daily means learning something new every day. Your mindset becomes flexible because you are growing every day and no idea or thinking is fixed for you. Whereas consistent reading of books means gaining exponential benefits in the long run. As reading has been the key to success for many great individuals like Warren Buffet, OSHO, Bill Gates, etc.

3. Visualization

Reading books means you go into your imaginary world, where you connect with the writer’s perspective.

Relationship with Books

The power of words hugely impacts the reader’s mind and connects with the readers. Thereby, you live the stories and words through your power of visualization.

Reading is analyzing the story or a narration through the mind, which makes one think deeper, and in turn, one eventually increases their ability to empathize.

4. Learning

Reading about the reader’s perspective and examples enables us to realize that people all around the globe have the same problem, worries, and apprehensions.

Book Lover

Each book teaches us something and opens our scope of thinking. Therefore, reading unravels our dimensions of thinking.

A book is a man’s best guide, mentor, advisor, and companion. Thus, you educate yourself by reading books. Books open the window of wisdom, with new ideas and core knowledge, and allow one to gain intellect beyond the educational curriculum.

Meanwhile, reading gives you direction in life. A good book changes your life. Additionally, by reading autobiographies, you understand how the way of thinking and mindset creates a huge change in the world.

5. Completion

Reading a book requires patience and commitment to completing it.

My relationship with books

Book reading is not about the number of books that you finished in a week, month, or year. Instead, it’s the enjoyable time that you had with the book reading and sharing the interesting aspects of it with your family and friends.

Moreover, the sense of satisfaction and pride in finishing the book is next level.

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6. Sharing Knowledge

It’s said the biggest donation that you give to people is your knowledge and wisdom. So, keep reading and sharing the light of knowledge with the world.

Books Relationships

When you read books, you don’t educate yourself rather you educate the people around you about the same. As sharing the stories and lessons of books with your friends and people around is happiness.

The Surplus Benefit of Reading Books

Investing time in reading books gives immeasurable returns.

30 minutes of reading a book is easing for any mental distress. Thus, reading books comes with multiple benefits like reducing stress, better mental health, better sleep, etc.

Reading books eases your mind from the hustle and bustle of a busy life and relaxes your mind. And it’s rightly said, about the relationship with books that books are man’s best friend and companion.

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