The Divinely Blissful Relationship with God

The omnipresence of God is known to everyone which means god is everywhere.

The relationship between God and man is beyond any logical calculations because it can be realized and felt. Like the air that we breathe in can be felt but not seen, the relationship with God is exactly the same, one can sense but cannot see.

Likely, every person has their own personal connection with God. Everyone has their spiritual experience and level of understanding about God according to their energetic frequency.

The relationship with God is the ultimate relationship that one has in their life. And nobody can take the position of God, in our lives, not even any romantic connection.

Whilst of all these, we all wish to know about God and the miracles associated with it. Thus, God reveals his presence to those, who display faith and trust in God.

The relationship with God arises deep fulfillment within, and it’s the feeling of ecstasy. Thereby, know about the different ways to build a relationship with God.

1. Read Scriptures

God reveals Himself, through religious textbooks.

relationship with god

Knowing about God’s words and lessons is a direct and quick mode of building an everlasting relation with God. Therefore, each religion has an auspicious textbook, which describes God and his teachings.

Own your God, don’t let the mental block create a hindrance in any way.

2. Talk to God

Some establish connectivity with God, by speaking their sorrows, and painful stories to God.

how to build a relationship with god

Talk to God and speak your heart out, if you are not in good mood because God doesn’t get offended. Believe me, when you cry, God listens, when you are happy, God rejoices. God is always with us and we are never alone in the journey of Life.

Well, talking to God is not one-way communication because God is talking to us always through signs, indications, people, situations, etc. Thus, we require divine understanding to listen God. And this relationship with God gets built over a period of time, it doesn’t come to us spontaneously.

3. Pray to God

With consistent prayer to God, you establish the realization in God. And gradually the unflickered trust in God gets developed.

god relations

Communicate to God daily through prayers. Moreover, prayers align our souls for spiritual growth.

Say thank you to God for everything that you have, the food, shelter, clothes, etc. And ask for strength to deal with the challenging times. Additionally, have faith and surrender to God when in trouble.

Seek guidance from God when you are in conflict, walk on the guided path, and your victory & happiness gets guaranteed.

4. Discuss God

Spread the light of God, and find peace and tranquility within.

bond with God

Sharing miracles of God, and his teachings is another way of establishing a bond with God. Enlightening the unaware individual to the direction of wisdom and knowledge is preaching to God. And know what others know about God.

Howsoever, God man relationships gets built by giving time to Him through various modes of interactions like prayers, reading textbooks, building trust, etc.

5. Be Instinctive

God is there with us even, if we don’t worship.

blissful relationship with God.

Connecting with the creator himself and aligning with the creator through prayer or meditation is the blissful relationship with God.

People often doubt God and his gigantic presence when they are in misery or deep pain. But those sorrows, deep pain, and misery are actually, the path to learning and lessons which eventually leads to a greater fulfilled life.

However, stay grateful for the life, nature, and relationships that God has given to us.

You may call him by whatever name, he is there for his devotees.

Your relationship with God can be of a father, mother, friend, child, soul beloved, or anything else, depending upon the level of intimacy that the devotee has.

Each individual uses his religion, to build an eternal relationship with God.While, at life’s lowest and dark days, God is the only ray of light where God strengthen us when we get crushed and crumbled.

Serving mankind is worshiping God. If you are kind to others and help the people in need, you strengthen your relationship with God. Because God is present in every soul.

Respect your parents and elders, and perform your jobs and duties diligently. Because your righteous karma, eventually leads to realizing God in its greatest form.

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