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Cherish the Cheerful Elements of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the most pious festival celebrated across India. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan dates back to the ancient age and many mythological stories are linked to it. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Sharavan month every year. Additionally, Raksha Bandhan was popularized by Rabindranath Tagore, for establishing harmony in […]Read More

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5 Advantages of Living in a Nuclear Family

A small family consisting of a husband, and wife, with little children, is ideally a nuclear family. With the disintegration of joint families, nuclear families in India are a popular choice. Urbanization and Western outlook towards life are directing society majorly towards having nuclear families. Additionally, in this new digital age, traditional and joint families […]Read More

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6 Relevant Factors for Remote Client Relationship

Working from home wasn’t a common thing for companies and professionals until the Covid 19 pandemic. But as time progressed, working with clients remotely has become the new normal. Thereby, a positive remote client relationship is an elementary aspect for keeping the online business going on. Sometimes, remote clients have different time zones. And in […]Read More

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